Who Was Andrew Pepper?


Andrew Pepper was born in Columbia, Tennessee on January 20th 1982 to Cyndi and Frank Pepper.

The doctor was more concerned about getting you here in time to make it to the Vanderbilt basketball game. Don’t think Mom and Dad were very happy about that. Well you made it with all your fingers and toes in tact. You had two sisters at home that were anxious to meet you. Couldn’t get them in the hospital so Dad drove them to the parking lot so they could see the window where there mother was. Andrew’s grandmother came and stayed with the family for a while to help out. Andrew’s two sisters welcomed him home with open arms and wanted to hold him all the time. Well that’s how it all started. This is how we continue.

Andrew grew up in Evansville, IN and graduated 8th grade from Holy Spirit School in 1996. He went on to attend Reitz Memorial High School and graduate in 2000 and left to join his sister Sarah at Ball State University.

At Ball State University Andrew became a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. here he joined a band of brothers that would be with him until his death and beyond. The brother’s of SAE were his best and closest friends.

Andrew left Ball State to live in Atlanta with his sister Jennifer. There he became the manager of the Cafe that the two worked at and met his dear friend Pulang who would take him to Thailand for the first time.

Andrew immediately fell in love with the country and he would eventually quit his job at the cafe and pursue his dream of teaching English and living in Thailand.

Andrew would later graduate Ball State University and his dreams were all at the tip of his fingers. Unfortunately those dreams were cut tragically short.

The question everyone asks at this point, what happened?

The truth is, we don’t know. We don’t know what happened that night or that early morning. All we know is that Andrew was taken from us. His dream was shattered along with his family.

His sister, Jennifer, who knew him best, knows that what he would want is for his dream to live on.

That is why his sisters, Jennifer and Sarah, along with their friend Jamie Sheth has formed this organization. To give knowledge and opportunity to others. To help his legacy to live on.

The loss of a child leaves behind that, loss. Loss of seeing him have children, work toward his professional goals, watch him grow old. His family was left with great memories but robbed so deeply of the future memories to come.

Andrew’s family truly believes their brother, son, nephew, and friend will live on in the lives of those affected by this boarding house and are recipients of the scholarship for a higher education.

Thank you in advance for your help in making this dream come true.

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