Welcome To The Andrew Pepper Foundation

Andrew’s two sisters, Jennifer and Sarah and family friend Jamie Sheth along with all of Andrew’s friends and family have joined together to continue Andrew’s dream that every child, regardless of economic or social circumstances.

Read more about our mission here.

Our mission is simple to give every child we can the chance at an education. We have set out on this journey with two goals. One to raise money for the global nonprofit organization, Child’s Dream, in an effort to build a sustainable school/boarding house in the rural areas of Northern Thailand. We are happy to say as of February 5th, 2014 the school was completed. Click here to see the photos.

The second goal was to set up an endowment and scholarship fund at Andrew’s High School in Evansville,Indiana.  Reitz Memorial High School.
Education is something Andrew was very passionate about and we would like to see that passion continue in his name.

Andrew’s love for Thailand and the culture took him to the country in April of 2010. There he taught English at the Khuannieng Wittaya School in the southwestern part of the country. Tragically, Andrew passed away in October of 2010.

Funding for Andrew’s School and scholarship is done by an annual Golf Scramble, which, in its first year raised closed to $9,000. Click here to see photos. 

The event will be held annual in Andrew’s hometown of Evansville, Indiana.

One time donations can also be made. There are also sponsorship packages available.

Andrew had great passion and great love and a deep determination to educate children, our future. He firmly believed that every child deserved the opportunity at a better life through education. As his sisters and friends we are proud to carry on that dream with the help of you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about Andrew. Through his school, his endowment, he lives on. Living in the way we all know he would have loved, through the books a child reads, the languages they learn to speak, the eye-opening realization that only comes with the knowledge you can from a great education.

We hope you will find it in your heart to contribute to our growing foundation. That you can find it in your heart to contribute to the dream of an amazing son, brother and friend whose life may have been cut tragically short but his dream will live on forever.

With much love,

The Friends and Family of Andrew Pepper

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